Ride the mules and explore the mountains of Sithonia.

Mule Riding
Ride the mules and explore the mountains of Sithonia. An unforgettable trip into the romantic nature. Our experienced guide will show you hidden places you'll never expect. Choose quite individually your Mule whether it is called Markus, Vangelis or Ermis each one of them will bring in the purpose! Experience an unforgettable day in thrilling nature. Hold a chat with the experienced leader or sing a song high on top on the back of the Mules and high on top on the mountains. Hold on the camera well if you shoot panoramic pictures. Do a short rest for yourselves and the Mules and recover in the shade of the olive trees. Enchant yourselves by this unique nature and surprise yourselves by hidden places which you would never have expected. A ride for the whole family 


On the back of a horse you find the real freedom. But before you can saddle up, you will be introduced by our experienced trainer in the practice of riding. In the paddock outside of the village you get to know our horses, with which you will take a leisurely ride along with other riders into the mountains or to the sea. Experience the fascinating surrounding and the unforgettable nature, a welcome respite from the sunbathing. Do not forget a hat due to the prolong sun exposure.

More info at the manager of "SIROPOULOU COMPLEX" or the manager of "SARTI PREMIUM COMPLEX" .

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